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    The Phoenix Plan

    A permanent commitment to R & D

    The Phoenix plan is a strategic project that includes the industrial development of all the basin of Bages, with wide repercussions on infrastructure, logistics and in international markets. With an initial investment of more than 240 million euros, the Phoenix Plan can be translated into the extension and the modernization of the ICL facilities, into the improvement of the transport infrastructure, into the expansion of the logistics facilities in the Port of Barcelona and into the increase of salt and potash production.

    Thanks to the Phoenix Plan, ICL will implement to the international markets more than one million of annual tons of potash and, initially, more than 750,000  tons of vacuum salt of the highest quality, with a purity of 99.97%, for the great chemical industry. We are currently developing the first phase of the plan, with the construction of a ramp of 4.5 kilometres at the Cabanasses mine to access to the 900 meters deep mine,

    which will facilitate the extraction of the mineral, the security conditions and a decline of high-tech machinery. At the same time, the procedure for the project of the most modern salt plant construction is being carried out and the works for the construction of a new terminal are being prepared in the Port of Barcelona, ready to accommodate large draught ships.